Can I buy and where to buy crypto with credit card? Of course, you can do it, and no one will forbid you to do this, no one can make you give up your idea. In general, cryptocurrencies often turn out to be the best solution for those leaving: after all, there is no limit on the amount, and there is no need to open any foreign accounts in advance. You can simply bury the purchased crypto in your own wallet (which will be very difficult for any government in the world to block), and then calmly resolve the issues of reverse conversion into regular money (if you need to do it at all) as you arrive in a new country, whatever it may be.

You can read more about why cryptocurrency is needed at all, where it is best to invest and why it is so important for the digital world, you can read here on This is a really useful resource that will open your eyes to many important points that you may not have even known about. Do not be lazy and come here, the time spent in vain certainly will not be.

Best Purchase Options

It seems that there are no other options, because many users purchase cryptocurrency based on these points.

Exchange. The first way to buy cryptocurrency is to use the services of an exchange. Despite the limitations of a number of platforms, this option is the most profitable and fastest. At the end of March 2022, the algorithm of actions is as follows, remember it:

  1. Install the wallet on your PC/laptop or iOS/Android phone. One of the best options is MetaMask, which is available for download at
  2. To install, follow the instructions, create a password and write down a set of key phrases. Register on the exchange, for example, Binance - There are over 90 million registered users on the site, and the trading volume is approaching $80 billion per day.
  3. To create an account, click on the "Register" button and follow the instructions. Verify your account. This will require a civil / foreign passport, driving license or other document. If possible, provide a document that is not related to the Russian Federation or Ukraine, do so.
  4. Click on the “Buy Cryptocurrency” button, and then “Credit / Debit Card”. Select the currency and the amount to be withdrawn, as well as the coin of interest. Choose a card and make a purchase.
  5. Note that the method works ONLY for if you have a bank card of another country, not Russia. If it was not possible to complete a transaction using a card, use P2P or exchange offices.
  6. To withdraw funds, enter your profile, and then "Wallet". Here, go to "Wallet Overview" and click on "Withdraw Cryptocurrency". Next, select the token of interest and enter the wallet address. At the final stage, confirm the transaction.

Р2Р. This is the second way to buy cryptocurrency is with the help of P2P (peer-to-peer). The advantage of the method is the best rate, but the probability of getting "dirty" money is extremely high. To reduce such risks, it is recommended to use proven platforms, for example, the capabilities of the Binance exchange. This is the action algorithm:

  1. Go to, register and verify if you haven't already. Click on "Buy cryptocurrency", and then - P2P trading.
  2. Click on the "Buy" button, and then set the filter for ads. Choose the appropriate amount, currency and payment option. Set the optimal offer and click "Buy". Specify the amount in fiat money / cryptocurrency, and then click "Buy".
  3. Look at the details of the seller to make a payment. If necessary, you can communicate with the transaction participant using the built-in online chat. Click "Pay order", and then confirm the transaction. Make sure you receive the cryptocurrency on the P2P storage, and then click on the button to transfer funds to the exchange wallet.
  4. During the payment process, do not add information about Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins in the note. At the same time, make the payment within the specified time, and after the completion of the transaction, click on the "I paid" button. In the case of 3 cancellations of the order during the day, trading until the end of the day will no longer work.

Exchange office. A universal way to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in Russia is to use an exchange office. The advantages of the method are simplicity and safety, but it is not necessary to count on benefits. Be careful not to fall for fraudulent services. There is an algorithm for buying cryptocurrency in 2022:

  1. Follow the link Set the exchange direction. Enter the amount and click on "Calculator" to see the amount.
  2. Choose the best service from the position of the course. These sites are at the very top. Read reviews. It is desirable that there are no negative comments at all. Existing claims must be "repaid".
  3. Follow the link of the exchange office, indicate the direction of the exchange, details and follow the instructions. When using an exchanger, two transactions occur. First, funds are transferred to another card, and then from one to another crypto wallet. This means that the law is not violated and you cannot be afraid of consequences from the regulatory authorities.

The main ways about the question can I buy crypto with credit card is done for you. The rest is up to you.

The danger of buying crypto

The main advantages of the transaction for the purchase of virtual coins are the preservation of capital and the opportunity to receive additional income in the future. But there are a number of risks to be aware of:

There is the probability of being included in the list of suspicious persons. This is possible if there are 10 or more counterparties and more than 30 transactions per day, with large debits / credits (more than 100,000 rubles per day), etc.

There is a risk of losing funds. Cryptocurrency is not backed by anything, so a negative scenario in the form of a depreciation cannot be ruled out. This is especially true for new types of tokens. Many cryptocurrencies after 3-4-fold growth lost popularity, and their price fell almost to zero.

There are some problems of regulation. Operations with cryptocurrencies in Russia in 2022 are in the "grey" zone, and many operations are completely prohibited. In many countries, the necessary bills do not yet exist.

There is unpredictability in relation to users from Russia. At this stage, the owners of cryptocurrencies from the Russian Federation cannot feel safe due to restrictions, blocking of wallets and accounts. Many users have lost access to money. There is also a risk that at some point the Russian government will outlaw cryptocurrencies altogether.

There is a risk of hacking. Hackers continue to do the “dirty work”, so the possibility of losing cryptocurrency due to hacking wallets remains. At some point, you may find that the funds from the wallet are gone. This is especially true for online wallets on exchange platforms.

The increase in cryptocurrency transactions indicates high interest from users around the world. Against the backdrop of sanctions, financial uncertainty and the depreciation of the ruble, buying virtual coins is almost the only chance to save your savings. It remains only to choose a working method, decide on a suitable virtual coin and make a deal. At the same time, remember the risks associated with sanctions and a possible depreciation, as well as take a responsible approach to storing savings.